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Mrs Melmoya

Melmoya House of Beauty and Health care is a perfect place to relax, revitalize, regain your strength and regain lost beauty. Our extensive array of treatment ranging from facial treatment, skin treatment and hair care services. Melmoya is equipped to render effective and efficient services to both men and women in barbing, body massage, manicure/pedicure, steam, waxing, reflexology, weight loss slimming, skin toning, facial treatment and many more for relaxation and nourishing the soul.

Our Services


This treatment revitalize and rejuvenates the facials skin. It increases the blood circulation and nourishes the facial skin.


Massages can be used for both relaxation and Therapy. Muscles are kept in tune and functional power with massage.

Make up

The main purpose of make-up application is to emphasize good facial features and to also minimize facial defects.


This is a system in which you grow your natural nails by applying artificial tips on your natural tips.


We help you make beautiful hair-dos, for all occasions. And beyond looking good, we help you properly take care of your hair.


Shaving is alright in times of emergency, but nothing feels better than smooth, freshly waxed legs.

Beauty and Health Care

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

- Buddha

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our Customers' frequently asked questions

  • Facials are great option for anyone that wants a clear and balanced complexion. They provide deep cleansing with the mixture of professional grade products, technology, and the knowledge of a professional esthetician who understands skin conditions and anatomy. Facials can maintain the health of skin, address and correct certain skin conditions, and improve the overall appearance and texture of your skin

  • Our estheticians are trained and licensed to properly identify various skin types, conditions, and the proper approach to each. Based on your intake form, consultation, and a thorough skin analysis she will be able to suggest the best approach to reaching your skin care goals.

  • People get massages for many reasons:

    • Relaxation
    • Athletic massage
    • Pain reduction
    • Stress relief
    • Physical therapy
    • Migraine headache mitigation
    • Improved digestion
    • Insomnia prevention
  • Skin ages prematurely due to many factors. Overexposure to the sun, alcohol, tobacco, and stress can all take a toll on your skin’s elasticity and vibrancy. We cannot promise you miracles after your first facial, but we can guarantee results with consistent care and adherence to our recommended routine. To combat the various signs of aging, we recommend a more complex and focused facial.

  • Regular pedicures every 4- 6 weeks will mostly improve the condition of the feet, by pumicing and scrubbing away most stubborn hard skin. Homecare after is just as important. We recommend using our lovely citrus intense heel repair cream which has a light texture so not uncomfortable to apply before bed which is the best time to apply. Use every evening and see a remarked improvement in just a week.

  • Exfoliating/ scrubbing the skin 2 - 3 times per week and moisturise daily. An area more prone to this is the bikini line so exfoliating more often in this area can be beneficial.

  • Hot wax is spread thickly onto the skin and allowed to dry slightly before it is gently peeled away. This method is far less painful than most and pulls hair directly from the roots. The benefits include fewer in-grown hairs, less breakage and therefore longer re-growth periods. This wax is also promotes skin hydration and is highly recommended for sensitive areas.
    Strip wax is recommended for thicker/less sensitive skin, for example - legs, arms, back, chest and shoulders. A thin layer of wax is applied to the skin and is then removed using a paper strip.

  • There is an active ingredient in the tan called Dihydroxyacetone or DHA for short. This causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids on the outermost layer of the skin. This reaction causes the colour of the skin to change producing a beautiful, natural tan. This helps you avoid the risks of skin cancer and premature aging of UV tanning.

  • Kindly call us on 08028482812 or 08034937819 to enquire about our services.

Melmoya House of Beauty and HairCare

Melmoya is located at 24 Abeokuta street off Freeman street, Ebute Metta (East)Lagos


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